Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wahba Crater Revisited: After One Year

14th June 2012


About one year ago our long awaited dream to visit the legendary Wahba Crater was fulfilled.

Awed with the majestic scenery in front of us when we 1st visited the place last year has determined us to come and visited this place again, and here we are in Wahba Crater.. once more.


Wahba Crater, here we are again.


Marking our 1st anniversary with stone throwing ceremony Smile with tongue out


Everything seems the same except more garbage…saddening. The bottom also seems to be drier, may be due to very hot weather.


Special smile from our 1st son to mark our 1st anniversary


They always happy n playing except during sleeping time...


Side view of the crater..


Amzar also wanted to participate in the stone throwing ceremony.. with the graffiti as the backdrop.


We reached there at about 6pm and the temperature at that time was just nice for us to spend some times.  We spent about one hour enjoying the beauty and taking pictures with our new gadget, Nikon D7000!! Winking smile 


Azim after one year ..


Amzar telling people out there…”Anyone in Saudi…witness this beauty.  You sure won’t regret!’


Sun setting down behind the mountain in Wahba Crater


Special pose from our family in Wahba Crater for readers

Well.. even though our wish to camp and explore further the place including to go down to the bottom of the crater still unfulfilled, we are sure one day will do it, insyaAllah.

Our time in Saudi is now can be considered numbered, but we still put a high hope that we can achieved our wish for Wahba Crater before that time come and give another interesting family action photo-shoot to be shared via our blog Winking smile.

Till another explorations or rihlah… - th


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