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Rihlah 6: Day 3 –> Petra


27 October 2012

DSC_5650It was a great beautiful morning with a fresh air to inhale…alhamdulillah. Even the room was without aircond,we slept comfortably with the natural cold air from outside.  It really was a great weather here during this time of the year.

When we reach the parking area nearby the visitor centre at around 9 am, it was already with quite a big crowd.  Starting last year,the entrance for tourist are JD50 for one day and JD55 for two days for adults and children more than 13. We took two days ticket  as advises from other tourist over the internet said 1 day won’t be enough.


From entrance to the siq…

After buying the ticket, we head to the entrance to have our ticket stamp. We was hoping for a smile for our bright beautiful morning but sadly were welcome with a sour face even our kids mentioned the sourness of the guy face.  We ask for Petra map and he still hand us with a grumpy face Sad smile.  Well…maybe he had a rough day yesterday.  This surely won’t stop our excitement.

Petra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. It was also declared as the new 7 wonders of the world. The kids were excited as they able to witness one of the new 7 wonders of the world! We told them if they want to see the rest of the wonders of the hard,earn your money and explore the world! Winking smile.

At the entrance,the staff on duty told us that the horse ride is free which what was mention in the pamplet.  He told us to pay a tip of JD1 or JD2 for the ride.  So…we think why not.  Riding on the horse from entrance to the siq. Surely a fun experience for us specially the kids.  The unexpected happened was we were demanded to pay JD5 for each horse which comes to a total of JD30! What…from JD2 each to JD5????

We can’t have this experience hinder our excitement.  We positively sooth our mind thinking this as a sedekah Smile and remembering the smile on the kids face having fun with the horse ride.

DSC_4868 DSC_4861

…before entering the siq preparing for our long walk….lots of walking indeed…

As we were heading near the entrance to the Siq, we can see a few army dress in more like a Romanian army standing straight welcoming tourist.  As we were excited to capture all the memorable events that we could possibly have, we eagerly walk towards the marching army to have our pictures taken unaware that actually you have to donate in order to take pictures!  We do not mind about the donation but we do mind about the amount we have to donate!  The guy who were taking care of the donations insist to have JD7 as we are 7 people though my husband only take part in taking pictures.  After hubby talk to him which i didn’t bother to hear after the first incident of the horse, we just gave JD3 and walk away.


The siq….

We quickly walk to the main entrance hoping to avoid any unexpected ‘fees’ and to let us enjoy our excitement to explore this new wonders. The main entrance to Petra is the Siq…dim, narrow gorge for about one mile and ends at the treasury…one of the most beautiful architect carved from just ONE stone!  Beware…while walking down the siq, the tunnel at times can be heavy with horse or carriage traffic coming back and forth.  While walking, we were being approach by some youngster offering donkey ride service!  Wow…we though we’ll be spending on tickets and food but will we be spending more on the unplanned expenses??

DSC_4910 DSC_4920

The treasury…amazingly carved from one stone…

We hesitate to take the donkey offer as we still feel energetic and still with disappointment with the horse ride earlier. The young donkey boys seems still with determination pushing us to take their ‘package’.  We politely reject their offer and continue savouring our eyes with the beauty of the siq in amusement until and the end with the passage we were awed witnessing an impressive architectural building famously called the Treasury.  Looking at the partial of the construction with the sunlight glimp directly at its entrance simply amazed at anyone looking at it.  One big block of stone turn into massive façade, 30m wide and 43m high.

While we were relaxing observing the architect of the Treasury and the people around, We didn’t notice the young donkey boys earlier on were still following us.  They still with high interest pursuing our family the donkey ride with so much reasoning until they actually able to change our mind!  As the kids were so eager to try the donkey ride..we negotiate with the boys and able to get JD60 for 6 donkey till the end down before the path to the monastery which takes about 1 and a half km.

Experiencing riding a donkey….not bad after all.  Actually…very relaxing Winking smile.  They are easy to handle and obedient…never thought gonna like it Smile.  Throughout the way, we pass through many other monuments, tombs, room…all with its own unique attraction.  We tried to stop by some of the big attractions like the Roman-style theatre which could sit 3000 people.  However, the donkey boys doesn’t allow us to step down from the donkey! 

We were surprised as they insist us to stay on the donkey as earlier on they have agree to stop by at the major attractions.  Their answer “Yes, we agree to stop you there but not wandering off there! So..we are stopping.  You can even have a better view down here rather than looking at a closer view Surprised smile. “ 

Haha!  We are really speechless but still with a bigger smile thinking we had our terms correct this time around.  Well..seems our term and condition is still loose Sad smile. This time, the donkey boys are on their ‘good days’…so we didn’t argue much.  Furthermore, the smaller kids really enjoy the donkey ride and insist on continue the ride.  

We continue observing the ancient city beauty on a donkey ride..pass through the Roman theatre, the obelisks, temples, sacrificial altars and colonnaded streets. At the end of our first stop which is agreed upon, we were freely to visit the surroundings at the museum.  It felt great able to get an up close and personal touch with the scenery.  Finally, we able to do the climbing.  Though they ask us not to be long yet we unable to hinder ourselves from climbing and searching the get the best view.  Unaware…it always ends up wanting more and more till we unrealized how high up we have climb specially the kids!  Masyaallah…the view is just great.


Seems the kids really enjoy the donkey ride.  Amzar can even fall into sleep on the ride Smile

Once we have climb up we realize how much things for exploration we have miss along our way.  We were with uncertainty whether to continue our journey with the donkey or not.  Negotiating for half price for a one way rather than two way surely is out o the question.  They must be pissed if getting half the money agreed upon.  We were thinking of a half way back trip which is a loss at our side.  At the end we decided to continue the ride back as what was agreed after everyone (the kids were the majority of the vote Winking smile) came up with a mutual agreement…continue with the donkey ride!

Once we get at the end of our stop, we walk back up to the places we intend to stop but fail to do so.  It consume more time as we are going back and forth but it was worth a decision.  The going back trip was full of climbing.  We climb up the Urn Tomb, the roman-style theatre, some other rooms and tombs that interest our eyes. 


colonnaded streets…


The place also called the red stone for its red rock…the rock itself is just a beauty..


the royal tomb….


streets of the facade..many ruins due to flood..


Roman teathre…


The Urn tomb…

At the end of the climbing…the kids were flat!  Now…we have a longer journey walking back till the car park which will take about 3-4 km!  After loosing all the energy walking and climbing a while ago…forcing the kids to walk with the remaining energy sure is challenging till we have a big bribe to keep them walking….”MAGGI in the hotel” precious food for them Smile.


The musollah and the toilet sure is clean and unique..luv it..


Souvenirs everywhere…just make sure you’re good with bargaining!

it was a wonderful experience for everyone.  though they were quite tired but it was worth walking and climbing.  the kids also enjoy the donkey ride very much and hope to keep one Winking smile.  Well…lets see what will we experience for tomorrow… tw&



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Fazlee said...

Salam Kak,
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inxps said...

Wa alaikumussalam,

Sdr Fazlee, untuk ke Jordan dari Saudi perlukan Visa, tapi boleh dapatkan visa on arrival kat border, so tak perlu ke Jordan embassy. Untuk bawak kereta keluar dari Saudi, kalau kereta sendiri senang. Cuma perlu bawa istimara dan kat border nanti kena beli insurans Jordan, dalam SAR100 kalau tak silap. Lepas tu boleh masuk. Lesen Saudi boleh pakai kat Jordan (dan kat lain2 Gulf countries macam Qatar, UAE, Oman)

Kalau kereta pinjam bank, kena dapatkan surat kebenaran dari bank sebagai pemilik dan surat dari "moror" (balai polis trafik Saudi).