Sunday, October 09, 2011

Amzar berlatih solat

Semua ibu bapa normal inginkan anak-anaknya menjadi anak yang soleh dan solehah. Berbahagia dan bertuahlah ibubapa yang dianugerahkan anak2 sedemikian.  Sejuk perut ibu mengandung, kata orang tua2.

Jadi apabila anak kami yang bungsu, Amzar, setahun 2 bulan tiba-tiba melakukan aksi solat di atas sejadah secara spontan, Alhamdulillah.. rasa sejuk hati kami. Moga2 beliau dan adik-beradiknya yang lain akan menjadi anak2 yang soleh dan solehah secara hakikinya nanti.. Aaaminn.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Mee Udang Pulau Sayak

Every body loves good food, we do as well. But, not crazy lover, Laila-Majnun, Romeo-Juliet type of food lovers.

For you food-lovers out there, how far you would go for a plate of mee udang?

Would you go more than 200 km for it? That was what we did last week. We drove almost 250 km up north to *Pulau Sayak, about 10 km from Pantai Merdeka, Kedah to eat a plate of fresh mee udang! That's the farthest we went in our life, ever, just to eat!

So, you might ask, how was it? Good? Great? So-so? Berbaloi?
Before we made any conclusion, lets savor yourself with a plate of mee udang yourself, but just in picture lah.

*note – eventhough called “Pulau” or “island”, it is actually not an island.

This is obviously not Mee Udang, or udang (prawns). This is the jeruk (pickles) stall in Penang on our way to Mee Udang Pulau Sayak. One kilo, RM8.

Azim volunteer to be the Pickles Model for the stall ;-)
You can taste and eat as much as you can, said the seller.


P1070263 (2)Usop Mee Udang Pulau Sayak

Looking into the dark of the beach at Usop Mee Udang Pulau Sayak.
The beach…
Haa.. this is the mee udang. Delicious? RM10 per plate.

Another shot of the Mee Udang, nice! Terliur aku tengok gambo ni..


Azim can’t wait to taste it…

P1070248This is Kue Teow Udang, Atuk’s favourite

Aftermath.. licin (spick and span).. Alhamdulillah.



Only left with shrimps skin and used tissues...

OK, now we gave our verdict.
The mee udang is indeed very nice. Fresh sea prawn, nicely cooked, with the nice taste of the gravy, eating by the sound of the beach and wind from the sea, coupled with fresh orange juice, it was indeed a very good moment.

But, as for us the commoners food lovers, we really can't differentiate if the taste of Pulau Sayak Mee Udang is better than what we had last year at Mak Jah Mee Banjir Udang, Kuala Sepetang which much nearer to our house. After all, it was already one year ago since we had the Mak Jah Mee Udang. One thing for sure, if it is during the day time (as opposed to night time that we had) it would be much nicer to have a view of the sea, while it is also possible for the kids to play at the beach.

Anyhow, what most important for us is having another chance to spend our time together as family; and it was the most precious and great memorable moment that we shouldn't forget.

Until the next Mee Udang... - &th

Monday, May 16, 2011

A journey to Umrah, Taif & Wahba Crater

11 May 2011



It has been long time we plan to explore another natural wonder of Saudi Arabia…Wahba Crater.  Actual spell in Arabic was Al-Wa’bah (الوعبهِ). Since the distance to Wahba is more than 600 km from Riyadh, we decided that we should performed umrah first, then explore the wonder. 


After Isha’ prayer at around 8.20 pm, we move out from home with Mr. Amin and family heading for Makkah. Our plan for this trip is to perform umrah, rest back in Taif for the night and head for Wahba Crater on our way back to Riyadh the next day.  

The trip was normal as usual…the kids were excited travelling at the first or two hours, then suddenly the air is quiet as one by one falling asleep.  Co-pilot has to do the job of keeping company the pilot awake.  At around 12 am, we stopped by at a petrol station to fill in our tank as well as having supper since Kak Ana,  Amin’s wife had prepared some meals. There we go, in one part of a petrol station, on a mat, between two car with a VP having a nice picnic in a middle of  a ‘happening’ area.  One rare thing that will never happened if we are back home…a moment  that will always be remembered.Midnight picnic

Picnic in the middle of the road, at midnight!

At around 4 am, we reached Miqat and target to leave at 6 am.  2 hours for rest and preparation for ihram.  Exactly at 6 am, we start heading towards Makkah.  Once there, we tried to find the previous car park we’ve been before not far from Masjidil Haram.  However, the price has increase from SR15/hour to SR25/hour.  Therefore, we made another round since we saw another one just about 10 minutes extra walk from the previous parking lot which is at SR15/hour.  Alhamdulillah, we are grateful that Allah s.w.t still gave us he chance to become His visitor to this holy place. May we’ll be given the chances to become His visitor again and get an mabrur umrah .

Last but not least, having a Malay meal at D’ Saji is a must once in Makkah.  Roti canai was great to fill in back our energy.  On the way out from the parking lot, sadly our car got scratch when trying to turn at a very small lane with another car parking in  front when making a corner out.  One thing we hate most when parking car in certain Saudi parking lots.  Small parking lot and lane with big cars driven by people here and people who don’t care whether their car not correctly park that may hinder other’s way.  Well, what to do… things had happened and we still need to cheer up ourselves as we more things ahead to be enjoyed. 

Now is time for us to head for Taif for our rest and relax.


We always like the journey back to Riyadh from Makkah through Taif Al-Hada Ring road, and this was our fifth time on this road.  The highway and the view along it was just magnificent.  You can’t imagine how they build this winding road up and down the mountains…so deep down where you get a twitch in your stomach when you look down imagining things you should not imagine.  On the way up , you can see the cable cars running except that this time our journey was during Dzuhr prayer, so the cable car operation stop for a while.  Then, half way up we’ll see people stopping by the road to get close watch of the baboons.  This time around we’ll not be feeding the baboons since we want to get our rest from the tiring travelling time.

We first went to the Safari Hotel that we used to stay when we had our visit to Taif with our parents last year but cancelled it since they had increased the price and the room were not in good condition.  Therefore, we drove around to find another hotel and we were bond to stay in Taif Tulip Inn.  Nice and comfortable room at SR250 per night without breakfast for two double bed. 

 P1050656 Tulip Inn, Taif 

At 4 pm, we went out to explore Taif.  First, we went to a playground cum park near Taif square.  The kids as usual were so excited when seeing a playground.  We gave them a 15-20 minutes time to run, sliding & jumping around.  Next, we headed to the fruit stalls at the end of the Al-Hada Ring road highway.  A long line of fruit stalls of about 500 meters selling variety of fruits according to the season.  This time around the attractions were mangoes and watermelons.  We bought some mangoes which was said from Yemen and oranges from Morocco.  Both were delicious…sweet & juicy!

P1050568P1050572 P1050565

As Amin just bought a brand new high-end camera, he wanted to stop by at the peak on the highway to get some pictures.  We continue driving on the road until we reach the view area.  Subhanallah, for us, this is another magical wonders of Saudi Arabia.  The view of the mountains with the winding roads were unbelievable.  Your eyes are just not enough to savour the beauty.  As we were hungry, we decided to head back to Taif and find something to eat for dinner.  The U-turn was challenging as well which we think should be improve significantly.  We missed two spot of U-turn where the sign-board telling it was only 100 metres away while the cars were flowing fast non-stop.

After successfully making a u-turn which was half way down already it was already getting dark.  Taking positive side of the u-turn experience, we got the chance to feast the beauty of Taif highway going up with the lights glowing, revealing the beauty of the mountains and the road in a different perspective .  Once we reach Taif town, we saw a Bukhari Mat’am on the left side.  Again, we make a u-turn to get the rice and another u-turn to get to a picnic area that we saw when we were making u-turn to get the Bukhari rice.  Wow…so many long u-turn for today! Makes you smile when recalling the moment :-).

Al-Hada ring road at night.Al Hada ring road at night

Night picnic in TaifNight picnic in Taif.

Finally, with hungry stomach, we were able to feast our stomach with the delicious meal.  The rice taste so good.  Having hot rice on a cold night with an empty stomach was a bless.  Alhamdulillah, a peaceful and fun night for the kids and the parents.

At around 10 pm, we head back to the hotel to get some rest as tomorrow, we still have a long day ahead. 

WAHBA CRATER (Al-Wa’bah or Maqla’ Tomyah)

We had to leave early from the hotel as we target to reach home by 9 pm.  It will take us around 2 hours to reach the exit to Wahba Crater.  We moved from the hotel at 9.15 am.  Along the way, we tried to find any restaurant or shops to pack our lunch over there.  Since it was Friday and early in the morning, most shops were closed.  We stopped by the last petrol station at about 20km before the exit junction to Wahba. Luckily we find the restaurant there was opened and about to finish cooking the meal for that day lunch. We bought ourselves two sets of mandis and beef soup after waiting for about 15 minutes.

Exit to Al-Wahba'  Exit to Al-Wahba’ or Wahba Crater, another 93km to go

We reached the exit to Wahba Crater at 11.20 am and took a left turn. There was a sign board telling us the destination was 93 km ahead.  Once we turned in, we went up straight on an uneven 2-way road of about 30 km. We then passed through a small town before turning left for another 62 km according to a signboard. Along the way, we by-passed quite a several numbers of petrol stations which we were wondering why there are many of them considering the size of the town.  The view along the way was calm as well with dry grasses and different sizes of dry acacia trees. About 30km later, the road is no longer in the GPS.

Picnic hutsThe white huts provided by the Saudi Tourism agency can be seen as we’re approaching the crater.

Reached the poles by the edgePoles dividing the end of road and edge of the crater. 

4km before reaching the site, we made a turn to right. We passed through 3 small bumps before hitting end of the road where they have planted poles…maybe eight of them.  Once there, we can already see the magnificent view of Wahba Crater.  All in all, it took us about one hour drive from the main highway. The local authorities has set up concrete huts, now covered by graffiti's, facilities for picnicking as well as camping. Camping is allowed in this area.

P1050735Lunch in the huts by the edge overlooking the 2++km in diameter crater, nice!

Though it was already summer and we were there at about 12.20 pm which the sun was straight above us, this doesn’t stop us from exploring the place.  The beauty is just irresistible for anyone not to get a closer view.  Diameter of the crater is about 2km across with 260 meter cliff faces down to the crater’s bottom.  In the middle of the crater was a huge saltpan as much as 1 km wide.  There are speculations that the crater was caused by meteorite and another theory says it is due to intense volcanic activity in the past.  However, the stronger sources said the caused was due to volcanic.  Geologists theorize that boiling magma from a rising volcano hit a body of groundwater, the result was a massive explosion which ended up with this big hole in the ground. On one side of the crater lies an ash cone which is all that is left of the volcano. As for us, looking at the physical surroundings of the crater, we are more inclined towards the meteorite theory.

P1050737P1050776 P1050712 P1050724 P1050727  

There are 2 folklore stories among the locals regarding the place. The 1st one is about how the crater was originated. Long time ago, there was this mountain that fell in love to another mountain. Then, this mountain decided to move to India, therefore the crater was formed. The 2nd story was saying that previously the crater was filled up by waters. But for some reasons the water does not like the place, so it moved to Yemen. In both of the stories, there was not mentioning the reason why the mountain has chosen India and the water has chosen Yemen as a place to go to.

There was another theory about the crater. 800 years ago a meteor strucked the place followed by the volcanic activities. This combination theory is more logical for us by looking at the shape of the crater and the physical surroundings. At the other side of the 2.5km crater there is a lava area said to originate from the volcanic mountain some hundreds years ago. But, there was no apparent signs on the lava activities at our current side of the crater. If there was a big volcanic explosion, the lava trails and spilled must be able to be seen around the crater. But it wasn’t the case. The lava area was only can be visibly found on the other side of the crater.

Since we target to move out at 2 pm, we had to hinder ourselves from trying to climb down as we knew it will takes us a couple of hours to get down and back up.  We also didn’t get to explore the northern side of the crater where there should be terrace of palm trees and green grasses as well as the lava area based on information we found on the net.

Well, this surely won’t be our last trip here.  We must come back here for a whole day exploration to really satisfy our visit.  We hope we can come here again early winter and able to camp.  The kids also eager to climb down.  May our dream comes true!  May Allah gave us the way to continue our exploration of the beautiful wonders of His creation.

We then had to head back home at about 2.15 pm after driving about 1 km along the edge of the crater.  Stopping twice for prayer and dinner, Alhamdulillah we reached home at around 10.30 pm.  We reached home with a satisfaction albeit tired as this trip we were able to perform umrah, rest and relax in Taif and witness the beauty of Wahba Crater that we have longing for in such a long time.  Another of our target exploration in Saudi has been achieved! –tw&eth

5 wheels car.5 wheels car we saw on our journey back home ;-)

Stopped for dinnerStopped for dinner after Maghrib/Isya’ prayer. 

Another 2000++ km added to the mileage.Reached home around 10.30pm, adding another 2000++km to the car mileage in 2 days.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Rawdhat Khuraim.. a camel safari

21st April 2011

image Last week, we have visited the park in the morning and the scenery was astonishing.  So, this week we have come here again and we are surprised with a new scenery.

It is not that we are so obsessed with Rawdhat Khuraim, but not having much option of an outing for an instant plan, here we are again to continue our exploration.  This time our unplanned trip bring us to Rawdhat for an evening view.  We didn’t have any friends tagging along with us this time.  After finishing packing some snacks and drinks, we move from home at around 3 pm.

Once we reach the park at around 4.15 pm, the place seems hectic not only with people ‘but with camels!  Camels were everywhere! Our eyes couldn’t believed what we’ve seen today compared to the previous week.  It’s really like a camel safari.  The camels were more than the people!  There are hundreds of them brought by different shepherds. 

Walking in the field today became more challenging.  We need to be careful with each step that we took as there were so many ‘booby traps’:-).  We knew that coming during this hour would be busy with people but we’re not expecting with camels.  Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the experience of being in the middle of so many camels roaming freely.  Just forget for a while about the smell and the ‘poopoo’ :-).


We took pictures and enjoy watching various types and activities of the camels besides eating.  Sadly most of the daisies where eaten or step over by the camels.  Hoping to find a good spot to relax, we decided to search for a different spot at a different area.  We drove out from our previous spot and try to search at the rawdhat on the right of the road entrance. 

Sadly, it is also the same..full of not only camels but also goats.  Since everywhere was the same, we decided to get back to the old spot as we do not need to walk far to bring things to the picnic spot chosen.  As it was getting late, we walk around to find the best spot available to sit down.  Alhamdulillah, we able to enjoy our evening time together peacefully as most of the people and the camels have went back already.  Quickly eating our meal, it was already Maghrib prayer.

After completing our prayer, we start packing as it was getting darker and no more people around.  Looking again at the field and the number of camels that will be coming again for their delicious meal, surely there’ll be no more daisies and grasses that will gracefully dancing with the field.  Seems that we’ll be coming around next year hopefully to witness the beauty.  Though the beauty has lessen, still we get the chances to enjoy ourselves with another great experience. 

Maassalamah.. –tw


Wanna get my number??  I’m single and available ;-).


Hey..I’m the tough guy here.  That’s why they chained me!

image Go somewhere else!  This is our territory!


 image image image 




Wednesday, April 27, 2011


14 April 2011

Pulangnya sahabat ke tanahair pabila berada di perantauan memang akan terasa kehilangannya.  Berjauhan dengan keluarga dan saudara mara, pada rakan taulanlah tempat untuk bersandar dikala susah dan senang.  Lebih terasa lagi jika teman itu adalah antara yang paling rapat dengan kita.

Rezeki adalah ketentuan Allah.  Alhamdulillah..sahabat suka duka, geng meredah padang pasir kami Sdr. Mohsin, Lisa dan anak2nya dimurahkan rezeki di tanahair sendiri.  Hari ini, 14 April 2010 merupakan hari terakhir mereka sekeluarga berada di bumi Riyadh ini. Lepas ni takde lagi la ‘informer’ diriku mana2 sale yg menarik utk aku dpt barang pada harga yg menguntungkan.  Tiada lagi teman yang akan bawa ku ke Dirah utk shopping abaya!  Shopping bersama temanku Lisa memang menguntungkan sebab dia amat terror dalam diskaun mendiskaun nih.  Tiada lagi teman yang akan menghantar kuih muih yang pelbagai setiap kali beliau mencuba resepi2 baru.  Dan.. tiada lagi teman ‘Jom Redah’ yang setia bersama kami meredah dan memeriahkan aktiviti-aktiviti padang pasir setiap hujung minggu. Pasti saat2 ini akan sentiasa aku ingat dan rindui. 

P1020708Bukan aku saja yang terasa dengan kepulangan mereka.  Anak2ku jua begitu.  Menaiki bas sekolah yang sama sambil bersuka ria bersama rakan senegara sememangnya saat2 yang menggembirakan buat anak2.  Berkongsi bekalan makanan, bertanyakan juadah yang dimasak ibu mereka memang menjadi kebiasaan.  Sehingga anakku Afiq menolak menghantar mereka ke airport kerana akan membuat dia terasa ingin menangis.  Terkejut jugak aku dengar ‘statement’ anakku ini.  Dan rupanya dalam diam dia membuat kad utk sahabat baiknya Haziq.  Terharu dan tersentuh hatiku melihat tindak tanduk anakku ini.  Memandangkan kad yang dibuatnya agak comot, aku membantu anakku menyediakan buah tangan yang lain buat sahabatnya.  Aku terharu melihat anakku yang sudah pandai menghargai persahabatan.  Semoga sifat mereka ini akan terus berkekalan hingga mereka besar kelak.

Tiada apa yang dapat aku berikan buat sahabat keluargaku.  Doa kami semoga mereka sekeluarga akan diberkati Allah, dimurahkan rezeki dan diberikan kebahagian hingga ke akhirat.  Semoga Allah membalas segala jasa baik, pertolongan dan doa mereka terhadap kami sekeluarga.   

Daripada Abdullah bin Amr r.a, “Sahabat yang baik disisi Allah adalah sahabat yang paling banyak berbuat baik pada shabatnya” (Riwayat Ahmad dan Al-Tirmizi). 

Semoga kalian sekeluarga dirahmati Allah.  Jazakallahulkhairon kathiro.  Kenangan kita bersama akan sentiasa kami ingati dan semoga dapat bertemu semula di tanahair kelak! –tw

Dipetik dr  :

Mari sama-sama berlari untuk menjadi sahabat terbaik..untuk menggapai redha Allah.

Ambillah waktu untuk berfikir, itu adalah sumber kekuatan.

Ambillah waktu untuk bermain, itu adalah rahsia dari masa muda yang abadi.

Ambillah waktu untuk berdoa, itu adalah sumber ketenangan.

Ambillah waktu untuk belajar, itu adalah sumber kebijaksanaan.

Ambillah waktu untuk mencintai dan dicintai, itu adalah hak istimewa yang diberikan Allah Swt.

Ambillah waktu untuk bersahabat, itu adalah jalan menuju kebahagiaan.

Ambillah waktu untuk tertawa, itu adalah musik yang menggetarkan hati.

Ambillah waktu untuk memberi, itu adalah membuat hidup terasa bererti.

Ambillah waktu untuk bekerja, itu adalah nilai keberhasilan.

Ambillah waktu untuk beramal, itu adalah kunci menuju syurga..

P1020677Antara barangan yang dibawa pulang ke tanahair.

P1020685Bergambar di depan Apartment Seri Harum buat kali2 terakhir.

P1020694“Yang, kereta mana kita nak naik gi Airport ni? Yang 3600 cc ke, 4200 cc ke 4600 cc?”

P1020704 Sahabat2 baik geng meredah kaum ibu bergambar untuk blog

P1020705 Anak2 pun tak lepaskan peluang bergambar kenang2an.

P1020720Kaum bapa dan anak2 bergambar bersama-sama Saudara Mohsin & anak2 di Lapangan Terbang King Khalid