Monday, May 02, 2011

Rawdhat Khuraim.. a camel safari

21st April 2011

image Last week, we have visited the park in the morning and the scenery was astonishing.  So, this week we have come here again and we are surprised with a new scenery.

It is not that we are so obsessed with Rawdhat Khuraim, but not having much option of an outing for an instant plan, here we are again to continue our exploration.  This time our unplanned trip bring us to Rawdhat for an evening view.  We didn’t have any friends tagging along with us this time.  After finishing packing some snacks and drinks, we move from home at around 3 pm.

Once we reach the park at around 4.15 pm, the place seems hectic not only with people ‘but with camels!  Camels were everywhere! Our eyes couldn’t believed what we’ve seen today compared to the previous week.  It’s really like a camel safari.  The camels were more than the people!  There are hundreds of them brought by different shepherds. 

Walking in the field today became more challenging.  We need to be careful with each step that we took as there were so many ‘booby traps’:-).  We knew that coming during this hour would be busy with people but we’re not expecting with camels.  Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the experience of being in the middle of so many camels roaming freely.  Just forget for a while about the smell and the ‘poopoo’ :-).


We took pictures and enjoy watching various types and activities of the camels besides eating.  Sadly most of the daisies where eaten or step over by the camels.  Hoping to find a good spot to relax, we decided to search for a different spot at a different area.  We drove out from our previous spot and try to search at the rawdhat on the right of the road entrance. 

Sadly, it is also the same..full of not only camels but also goats.  Since everywhere was the same, we decided to get back to the old spot as we do not need to walk far to bring things to the picnic spot chosen.  As it was getting late, we walk around to find the best spot available to sit down.  Alhamdulillah, we able to enjoy our evening time together peacefully as most of the people and the camels have went back already.  Quickly eating our meal, it was already Maghrib prayer.

After completing our prayer, we start packing as it was getting darker and no more people around.  Looking again at the field and the number of camels that will be coming again for their delicious meal, surely there’ll be no more daisies and grasses that will gracefully dancing with the field.  Seems that we’ll be coming around next year hopefully to witness the beauty.  Though the beauty has lessen, still we get the chances to enjoy ourselves with another great experience. 

Maassalamah.. –tw


Wanna get my number??  I’m single and available ;-).


Hey..I’m the tough guy here.  That’s why they chained me!

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