Friday, January 04, 2013

Rawdhat Khuraim…Outing Opening 2013

3 January 2013

DSC_7456We longed to visit our favourite place during spring time.  Having the green in the middle of the desert sure is a wonderful thing to see. Since we are not going anywhere during this weekend and the kids is in the middle of their exam week, we decided to take a break visiting Rawdhat Khuraim hoping maybe they will be daisies earlier this year.  It’s been raining more often this year during winter, so we hope the flower will bloom earlier or at least the greens has started already.

We reached there at 1 pm and seems quite a few number of cars already park around the area.  We walk in the park with our picnic stuffs.  Alhamdulillah…the scenery were still great though daisies hasn’t bloom yet. Our eyes were served with green grass, trees and the whistle of birds chirping.  The weather were also nice, not so cold with wind whispering once a while.


We were hoping our two elder kids to do their studies in the great weather and view but seems the surrounding is more encouraging for fun. We run around, spending a great family quality time.  How the time felt short when we were enjoying it so much. We wish able to spend our family time together here every week.  Very relaxing.  This is what we always hope for when we decided to leave what we had behind…improving the quality of life.  

Watching the sun set, we knew we had to come out once we’ve done Maghrib or it will be very dark. Alhamdulillah…it was a wonderful day to be spent in the green of the sahara. –tw&


DSC_7523They felt like being in the forest sitting insides the trees and bushes….








Free and easy….


Time to go home….

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