Monday, November 03, 2014

Girls and Baking

Sun, Sept 28, 2014

One of the moments my one and only girl awaiting for.  Her love for baking with her great friends. Alhamdulillah, the bless of living in Saudi  having your children and yourself around with friends who bring lights in you, in good times and bad times.
For is a great bless having wonderful friends all this year who tough and inspire me not only in cooking but bringing up beautiful children.
Jazakallahukhairan Kak Tini and family.  Love her lovely kids which is also great friends to my kids as well.  Boys and girls.  At first, moms was enjoying the cooking class...nasi maghlubi, home made kue teow, bakhlawa and so much more and now the girls with baking.  Usually while the girls bake, the boys got the chance to play :-).
As for this baking class..they are making 'Black and White Wagon Wheel' and pavlova.  The result was MASYAALLAH....beautiful and yummy.

In the making black n white wheel biscuit..
Sweetie Aishah showing her handwork to auntie Jun :-)

Final Outcome....lovely n yummy!!!

When kakak came back home bringing her bakes...everyone was jumping to try.  The comments were "Wow...yummy", "macam choco pie la!", "sedapnye pavlavo".  When mommy taste..."yummy!  Tulis resepi tak?"(did u write the recipe??).  And the answer is "no! Don't worry, nanti kakak mintak"(don't worry,i'll ask later".  Well...its a chance to see each other again...i guess.
Surely the activity will be memorable to the kids and the parents.
May the ukhwah will last till jannah.  
Tq girls! The sweet treats as sweet as you all!