Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back to the land of Sahara…leaving lush beauty of homeland

7th September 2012

Like it or not…life must goes on.  2 months back home spending time with family, relatives, eating your favourite food, going down the memory lane of your surroundings makes the two months feels like two days.

Still….i’m grateful as these makes me appreciate my life more.  Getting the benefit of both sides of my life…no words can describe how lucky i am.  Just couldn’t resist the homesick feeling once thinking of the great times at home…


yess…I can ride freely here at home..feels great!


experiencing ummie and abah’s childhood…


just love the green of my ‘kampung’….


Power rangers is enjoying the day under the sun Winking smile..


enjoying grandma ‘nasi berlauk’ as much as you can Winking smile at her kedai kopi..

DSC_3405DSC_2956Missing the great food…


and the fun….Sad smile


and specially beloved family…


Kherun said...

Junnet! Bila balik kg? Awat tak calling2.... Jun, parents kat mana la ni?

inxps said...

Sori Youne! This time blk lagi kejap dr biasa. Kat KL cuma 2-3 hari je. Tak sempat lgsg jumpa kawan2. Sampai je KL, next day terus balik Perak. Insyaallah, moga dpt jumpa Youne n mak Youne. RIndu nak dengar celoteh n gelak Youne tu.