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Rawdhat Khuraim..again in Spring

14 April 2011


This is our second visit to Rawhat Khuraim, a “forest” reserve by Saudi government.  The area which were full of daisies surely attract anyone whose eyes were always fest with sands and deserts.

We decided to visit the place again to see difference.  Our last visit was in December, during the winter season.  We went with our friend, Ezri and his family who just been in Riyadh for three weeks.  We surely want them to enjoy the new life in Riyadh.  So..we invited them to explore a place in the kingdom.  A country which is well known of its holy place in Mecca and Madinah and its sahara.  However, don’t underestimate the sahara here as the more we explore the country, the more we are attracted to its own uniqueness and beauty.

At around 8 am, we met at our housing area heading towards Al-Rumah.  It is about an hour journey from our home.  The weather today was not that nice.  The air still fill with sand storm that starts from last night.  Visibility is still quite low…maybe around 100 meter.  We hope when we reach the area, the weather will be nicer since it is full with trees. 

Once we reach Rawdhat Khuraim, there were few numbers of cars already park at the area though the time was 9 am.  The area looks  very different from our last visit.  Last time it was only full of trees but now the trees were in the middle of green grasses with white and yellow daisies.  The area were full of daisies and grasses about knee tall.  Wow, the scenery was amazing.  It really surprised us to see how the place has turn out to be in spring.  No wonder when we came during the winter season, no one was around.  It surely is a place to sit around during spring.

We walk in the fields which was like a fairyland.  Subhanallah, how great is Allah creation…having a place like this in the middle of a desert.  We were so overjoyed seeing the greeneries with the wind keep on blowing our face.  The grasses were gracefully dancing following the rhythm of the wind.  Everywhere seems so peaceful.  The kids even lay down on the field.  Even the boys enjoy running around and picking up flowers.  Green color really ease our mind and put us in a really good mood. 


Later on after satisfy walking around the fields and usual activity of taking pictures, we settled down for a picnic.  We hadn’t had our breakfast yet and good thing the kids were not complaining.  We guess the great surrounding really makes everyone in a peaceful mind which makes us a in a very good mood.  After completing our meal, the kids continue exploring the place.  As usual, mom will sit down chit chatting while sipping a nice cup of hot tea.  A great way of releasing mind from the normal housewife routines.

Sadly, today we can’t stay long to continue the relaxation at a very calm and peaceful place.  It is a good thing we came here today as we will be sadden again when our always ‘jom redah’ friend will be leaving the country later on in the evening.  We need to rush back home to meet them before sending them off at the airport.  Wonder whether we will still have our ‘jom redah’ geng after this. 

Surely we will come again to Rawdhat Khuraim before spring is over.  Guess what..we did came again the week after!  Surprisingly..we were surprised even more as this time we were relish with a safari experience!  Stay tune for the next story of our beloved Rawdhat. –tw&


  Rawdhat Khuraim in December..


…and look how it turn out to be in April during spring!

P1020354P1020336P1020601P1020395    The variety of flowers besides daisies…

 P1020440 P1020274P1020444

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