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10 March 2011 we are


Believe it or not..this is our fourth trip to be up close and personal with iris.  At first, we were not that eager to go there as from our last trip, we can see how the sheeps from the badwi port not far from the iris field already ate the leaves that has start growing.  Nevertheless, after our friends from AF5 able to witness the iris flower bloom the week before, we decided we must go this week. 

We then announce to anyone who interested to join as well.  On the day, we move from Sri Harum at around 9.30 am.  Three other family join us which were Mr. Lokman and family, Mr Harun and family, Mohsin and family, Anees and us.  As this is our fourth trip to Tumayr, nothing much for us to tell about the journey itself.  Just that this time around we follow the speed limit as now the Saudi government have tighten their enforcement on speed limit with their new traffic system and the fine is SR300.  Surely we do not want to waste our money on that!

At around 11 pm, we reach the juntion offroad to iris field.  Getting to the field, we need to go off-road for some distance.  After passing by the dam, not far from it we can see alreadt Dr Othman’s farm which we intend to visit for a while.  A friendship build due when we accidentally entered his farm on our first attempt to witness the iris.  An ukhwah build which we will always treasure in our heart.  Reaching the farm, hubby stop for a while to see whether Dr Othman is around.  One reason why we want to come on Thursday is because the family will gather here on Thursday and went back home the next day.  One of his brother went out and told us that the family will be there around Asr.  He invite us to come back later on.

We proceed with our journey and the route we took this time wasn’t the usual route where there were less sand and doesn’t require 4wd.  Coincidently we were in front of some other people track going to the same direction, we just follow the trail.  The trail we were following were more sandy and caused Lokman’s CX9  got stuck.  We just found out that his Mazda CX9 version wasn’t 4WD.  Luckily, with some effort of pushing he able to reverse and got out from the sand.  He then took another rocky route alongside of the hills which more stony.

Not far from the spot, we can see a green field stretching quite long…maybe like a two football field.  Seems there were already four cars parked near the field.  Reaching the destination, we park our car and as we expected, the flower were there but shorter than expected!  We went to greet the other visitor and found out there were also Malaysians..chinese! At first, we though there were Pinoys..haha..shame on us as most of the time we were labeled Pinoys!

The temperature was 31 degree!  So..can imagine the heat!  Luckily it was windy…still as we were outside when the sun is on top of our head, the feeling is not comfortable.  We then set up  Lokman’s tent(newly bought!) so that kids and babies can be more comfortable.  As usual, getting outside from house is good enough for the kids already.  They forgot about the heat when they can play with their friends.  So…the men’s start to take out the cameras to catch anything interest to their eyes while the moms busy laying down the food. 

Me and hubby went more up from our current spot just to see whether possibly there could be more flowers.  However, the other spot flowers were less and smaller.  Some of it still growing with no flowers yet coming out.  We saw two types of birds playing around the area..very pretty but do not know the species.  Unlucky, we didn’t bring our video cam to capture it.  Our camera zoom were low to capture from far. Well..i guess it is enough for us to capture in our memory.

Waiting until 1 pm for the flower to bloom is challenging when the sun keep on biting our skin.  Some of us just sit down finding shades to run away from direct sunlight.  Once in a while we went back into the field to check for any flowers that starts to bloom.  Finally, hubby able to capture a flower that starts to bloom.   We all took the opportunity our observing and savoring its beauty for our two years of waiting.  Though it is hot but the patient and waiting worth while.

Subhanallah…a beauty in the middle of the desert!  Once in a year of around one to two months and just around an hour to savor its’ beauty…revealing it with shyness :-).  An opportunity one must not miss. 

Alhamdulillah…finally we met one of our target while staying in Saudi! –tw

 P1010790 P1010668P1010714   P1010724

P1010775 P1010712

Just look at how beautiful are the flowers!

 P1010707 P1010643

Quite few number of visitors continue to come later on…


Visit to Dr Othman farm

Before heading back home at around 2.30 pm, we stop by at Dr Othman’s farm.  Alhamdulillah, we saw a few more cars there.  We knew that the family were there already.  As we park near their home, a few boys came near already greeting hubby.  Dr Othman was somewhere near the area doing some chores.  They ask us to wait for him.  Not long, the women came to  greet me.

Masyaallah..they still remember my name!  Though we can’t communicate much..more of exchange smile and laughter due to language barrier, but its like a moment of happiness of seeing a ‘long time no see family’.  We were so touch with their kindness and hospitality.  We though of only stopping for a while to send some Malaysian cookies but they insist us of having a few sips of tea.  We called our friends to join in as well.  The guys chit chatting and visits the farms while the women chit chatting at the women side.

It was a wonderful and memorable moment.  The family still remember us and hoping for our visit again.  It was great to see Dr. Othman’s farm grew.  He has more animals at his farm compare to previous time we visit.   His family member also grew!  Wow, now we have harder time to remember all their names and faces..haha!

How time runs so fast.  We need to move on as it will be dark soon.  We had a wonderful time at his farm and hope we’ll meet again some other day.

Thank you so much to Dr Othman and family!  Jazakallahulkhair.

Till we meet again! – tw

..see how pretty is the hen!            ….now got pigeons as well

P1010821 P1010850 

…baby pigeon.                                          ….new pet to play

 P1010862 P1010859

..a quick tour in the farm.

P1010842 P1010876 P1010892 P1010884 P1010895 P1010815

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