Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Night in Thumamah

Opening activity for our Jom Redah program, another night in Thumamah. This time with bigger participants, 5 families in total in 4 cars, we were headed to Thumamah at about 3.20 pm from our home. We stopped at the road side near to Camel Market on our way to Thumamah to buy some woods because we’re planning to have camp fire this time. It cots us SR8 for each bundle which consist only 3-4 piece of woods. We tried to bargain, but its already promotion price he said! According to him the woods coming all the way from Jizan, a fertile province near Yemen. Anyway, despite the price, we bought 8 bundles..

mknn unta

Camels food at the Camel Market on the way to Thumamah

1 ikat sr8

Bargaining for the woods.. no success.

sangkut dah Stucked already.

ditolong abg arab

Good Saudia is helping us.

setting up bbq

Our BBQ expert.

meriah camping‘Sejuk tapi meriah’   

surfing in the cold night

Sand surfing at the night.

pasir naik kepala

See? Sand on the head..

We reached Thumamah at 4.30 pm. The 1st activity here is of course, sand bashing. So Azman with his GMC Envoy 4.2 litres engine and Mohsin with his Jeep Commander 4.7 liters started to go off-road and entered the sandy fields. And as quickly as they went into the sands, as quick also they got stucked ;-)!

After struggling for couple of ten minutes trying to get our cars out from the sand, luckily we got help by a good Saudis. Azman’s car being pulled out by a Saudi using his powerful 4x4, while Mohsin being helped by some young Saudis. They gave a very good tips.. we need to lowered our tyre pressures down to 15 PSi. A good tips that we will follows…

As the day getting darker, we quickly find a spot to establish our camping site.

BBQing, sataying and camp firing in the weather that as low as 14 C are very good feeling activities, moreover spending time together with our family and friends. Kids as usual, less affected by the cold weather, keep having fun doing all sort of activities related to the sand… including putting some on their hair ;-)

8 bunches of woods apparently is not enough for our fire camping, so we went to buy another 8 bunches. There we go.. we spent SAR128 just for bunches of wood which may cost us nothing in Malaysia. But of course, we can’t compare ‘kurma’ with ‘durian’..

kids campfiremeriah jugakids playing

campfirebbq abissatay & lamp     

sembangtime togotime togo2 

We continue our camp fires activities and its ‘surrounding’ activities.. until 2.00 am! We almost stay overnight there if not because of we’re not well equipped for it this time. We will try again.. next time. We’re determined to do it one day..

Alhamdulillah, our JR 2nd season opening activity was a success.  More activities to come.. Winter season is still a long way to go. -th

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