Monday, April 05, 2010

The sad moment.. they need to go back.

 After being almost 2 months here in Riyadh, 12 trips with about 12,000 kms in journey, 5000 photos and a few hours of videos, a few thousand riyals spent in various souq and markets ;-), it is now time for them to go back to Malaysia. Time was running fast, its almost unbelievable that 2 months has passed.

Overall, we feels proud and at the same time relief because our intention to bring them here and have them to perform Umrah and Ziarah and other activities has been fulfilled.

Bringing the here  is among our main target to be here. We will never going to feel satisfied if we do not fulfilled this intention.


It was a sad moment for us the whole family as we’re feeling very comfortable being here in the foreign land together with our parents, which have bringing us into this world.

At about 6.45pm. Saturday April 3rd 2010, our parents flew back to Malaysia with SIA. Hopefully they bring back a very good memory with them.

If we still be here and there is a ‘rizq’, we will bring them again next 2 years i.e. 2012, insyaAllah.

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