Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Iris Tak Menjadi (2nd Attempt of Iris) Trip


Trip No: x
When:  05 Feb 2010
Where:  About  140km from Riyadh 
GPS Coordinate:
Kambing Rating: 7/10
Total Trip Time: Half day

Following our 'dried' Iris Flower Trip last year (, we decided to make a 'revenge' this year. Knowing that the Iris is only blossoming during mid-January to end of February every year, and with our parents are here for a short visit, as to impress them that they could see flowers in the middle of the desert :-), we then took course and heading to Tumayr last Friday (5-Feb-2010).

Together with Faris family, we off to Tumayr after Jumaat/Friday prayer.

This time we are coming with very high hopes as we only able to see the dry stem last year. Reaching Tumayr, the gun replica helps us to remember where we should start going off-road. Though we have GPS to assist but the off-road track from previous trip was not available. The off-road trip scares our parents a bit as it is not a usual drive they have had experienced. We tried to find the easiest path as this time Faris and his family whom joining us was driving Mazda 3, not 4x4 like us. We tried to identify the dam and the farm of the Saudi family who were being very nice to us. We hope to meet them but knew that they are only available at the farm on Thursday. Maybe next time insyaallah we hope to meet them again.

Seeing the dam relieved us as we knew we are going at the right direction but this year round the dam is dry. I remember last year there are water like a pond at the  dam. We passed through the dam and the farm with great memories. The path to reach the field is also drier this time.

As we reached there, the excitement goes down as it was not as expected. Only a few buds blooming within a small area. Nothing at all like the pictures of the flowers blooming last year. We know it is not because its out of season this time. We guess this year round, the Iris doesn't bloom like the other year could be due to very less rains. Even my kids school hold special prayer calling for rain for quite few times. Seems like it was not our luck this year, again. Meaning that we need to have another 'revenge' next year!

imageFlowerless’ Iris field…

imageAh, found one.. so shy.

image Picnic is a must, anywhere we go ;-)


Our parents new experience, picnicking at the middle of the desert.

imageKids are always kids.. always creating and looking for their own activities regardless where they are. 

Well, at least we have seen the real flower instead of just dried stems like we did last year. Does this mean that we need to stay for another year to try our luck?? Well...we as human can plan but Allah know what is store for us.

So...for those who plan to find the Iris, maybe can skip it this year, unless you just want to fill your weekend and have another good time picnicking with family and friends, like we did. – tw&th

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for reminding me of my favourite child memory when I was growing up in Saudi Arabia more than 30 years ago.
I found this post while searching for the Saudi desert iris.