Tuesday, December 22, 2009

“I have a friend name ‘Bra’…”

Yesterday my second son, Afiq saw a bra hanging at the drying hanger. And, out of nowhere, he suddenly asking “This is bra kan Ummie?”

Not really giving too much attention, I just “hmm.. hmm..”

He then continues.. “I have a friend name Bra…”

Moved by his last remark, I started to giving him attentions. “Oh, really?”, I asked him with a really an interest to know.

“Yes, I have a friend name Bra.”, he reiterated.

“A boy or a girl?”, I further asked him, wondering..

“A boy….”

“What is his full name?”

“I-BRA-HIM… thats his name…. BRA right, Ummie?”

“Ha ha ha…” i really exploded with a laugh..

Afiq as usual, just smiling with a bit blushing knowing that something he said has made his Ummie laughing, that much..

That short “bra” incident make my day that day…

And as a token of remembrance for this ‘special’ incident, I presented some special pictures of bra below.

image A beautiful red bra.

image Bra fence in New Zealand

image Giant bra in Tokyo? May be its belong to Ultrawoman, hooked off while fighting the giant monster that attacked Japan.


Many functions of bra.. hands free and also give a better signal receptions.

image USB Keyboard Bra anyone? You can have this geek wannabe fashionable item for about USD130, only.

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