Monday, October 19, 2009

Afiq’s First Day of Schooling [181009]

Another exciting and memorable day.  Afiq first day of school in Riyadh entering kindergarden, KG3.  Abang and kakak has started their school yesterday.  They are both excited like me as well for Afiq as we’re wondering how their brother will react on his first day of school outside the country.

He won't be joining Kakak and Abang on the bus today so I didn't rush him up to dress up but as he is excited as well, he woke up on his own at around 5:30 am preparing to take bath.  All dressed up and patiently waiting for the bus as today is the first day the elders are taking the school bus in the morning as well.  The bus arrive at 6:20 am which I have made them waiting since 6!  So pity of them until both got stomachache of waiting.

Now starts the day for Afiq..handsome in his school uniform :-).  You're one big boy already.  For today, we will be sending him to school.  As for girl section and KG section, man are not allow to enter.  So.. mommies is the one to bring in for those wanted to send in their kids on their own.  They are put into separated buildings.  As entering Afiq school, I tried to find his name on the board.  Yes...there he is in Peppermint class with his class teacher Ms Sarah.  Someone asked me of his class and told me that they will bring him to class.  I told the teacher that took him of his bus number as he will be taking the bus and the teacher wrote the number next to his name on the list.  I guess it should be ok then.  He was cool as usual kissing me goodbye.  His big day now started...GOOD LUCK MY BOY!

At 3 pm, the doorbell rings.  I was so excited waiting for their stories of their first day of school.  When I opened the door, I was so shocked to see only Abang and Kakak was there!  Where's Afiq???  I knew something is wrong.  Without my abaya on, I quickly shouted out calling the bus.  The bus has went about 50m from my house.  They left my son at school!!!  How could they after I trusted the school to manage them and he's only in KG!  I already mentioned to the teacher that he'll be taking the bus and providing her as well with the bus number.  Alhamdulillah, the driver notice I was running after the bus.

"Mana Afiq?". I asked the driver in Malay as he is Indonesian ( that was lucky or else I don't know how to ask if the driver speaks only Arabic!)
"Saya enggak dipesan apa2 oleh guru. Saya bole ambilnya kembali setelah abis menghantar anak2 ini" the driver doesn't know anything as the teacher didn't mention a thing to him.
So..I got back home, called my husband to ask the school as my phone cannot make call out.  Cut the story short..yes my son is still in school and the teacher didn't even bother to call us asking why we aren't picking our kids when it is 3 pm already! My husband rushed to get him at school.
As they reach home, Afiq was furious why he was left alone the last one at school and he was hungry.  Poor him.  Alhamdulillah..this does not stop him from wanting to go to school again.
What an experience of an 'international school' in Saudi.
Well...never expect the assumption that we always have when you are in Saudi.

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