Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It’s time to revive it…

It has been a veerryy long time since my husband last update his blog. 3 years since his last update and there has been big changes in our lives since on. I guess, I'll be sharing stories on his blog as this will be our new life.
Now, we are starting our new lives in Riyadh. For the last 3 years we have sacrifices ourselves being apart for so many times as his work required traveling overseas. That is why we have decided to accept this change. The sacrifice of being apart for so many times is too hard to bear for both of us and our children.
Me, being a full time housewife, the kids to adopt the new environment, new friends, new school, new culture...well, I hope our decision is the correct one. Leaving families, our house, cars, friends and relatives behind is not easy as well.
Like what we always reminded, "Jika takut dipukul ombak, jangan berumah ditepi pantai". Everything that happened in our lives must have reasons behind it.
Well, I pray that we'll be happy here as we will always be together now :-).
All the best to our 2 elder kids with their new school soon.

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