Monday, March 27, 2006

Off to Ireland

These are my 2 heroes. There is a 3rd one, just recently added.. hmm about 45 days ago. That makes my wife and I have a collection of 4 kids right now, including 1 heroin.

Picture taken on the night I'm flying to Ireland for 2 months. Doing some On-the-Job-Training, part 1. The Part 2 will commence a week after I'm going back to Malaysia. And, it is another 2 months.

That is the sacrifice my wife and I should made.. for us to have a better living in the future, Insya Allah. Posted by Picasa


Rosminah said...


Ni Abe Adi. Very interesting! Hope we also can experience it in future. InsyaAllah

Kambing said...

InsyaAllah, mudah2an tercapailah hasrat tu. Kalo tak atas urusan kerja, sebagai pelancong lagi seronot. Simpanlah duit banyok2...